Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Saying I Don't Know Doesn't Make You Right

There has been a murder.

And, of course, everybody knows that Jim did it.

Granted, the answer is always "Jim did it." Who robbed the bank? Jim. Who pushed over Old Lady McGregor? Jim.

Or, at least, that's always the answer at first. At least until we discover otherwise. Using cameras inside the bank we know that Jim didn't rob the bank, it what Mark and the Pennywise Gang. And the person who pushed over Old Lady McGregor was that scamp Biff - there were 5 people who saw that one.

And nobody's ever even seen Jim, but we all know he's always the cause of everything. So whenever something happens, first you start with "Jim did it." Later on, after the testing and questioning and everything is done, we might find Jim didn't do anything. Didn't cause the diseases, or the earthquakes -

But until you know otherwise, you always start with Jim.

So that's why when Bill Buck was murdered, we all knew it was Jim. Now, the townspeople tell me I'm a right idiot for saying "I don't think Jim did it. And really, we shouldn't assume Jim does anything-"

"Do you know who *did* do it, then?" Officer Gagger snapped at me.

"Well, no," I said. "I don't know."

"That's what I thought," Office Gagger smirked. And went about taking pictures of Bill Buck's dead body. "Obviously, Jim did it then."

"Why does me not knowing mean it was Jim?"

"Because Jim is always the answer," Officer Gagger told me while the other townspeople clucked and shook their heads at stupid, stupid me.

Maybe someday I'll understand and be like everybody else. And I'll start by saying the answer is Jim until people who actually ask questions and look at information tell me otherwise.

I guess it make life easier that way.