Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who's to blame for Catholic priests raping children? The Jews!

The scandal has finally hit the trifecta of stupidity. The Catholic church has blamed porn, has blamed, the media, now they're blaming the Catholic child rape scandal on the Jews.

You know what might help get to the root of the problem? Maybe focusing on 1. Priests who put their penis inside of children, and 2. the leaders who protect the men who rape children. For some reason, I think that *those* two groups might have something to do with the scandal - not the media, the Jews, the freemasons, or the women's quilting bee.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Time for a new window

With all of the news of pedophile scandals in church, maybe this isn't the best window to have at your church....

So you joke about our religion threatening to kill people? We'll kill you for that!

I know some great Muslims. Nice people, good citizens.

And that's why it makes me so mad when you've got buttheads who threaten to kill the South Park creators because they had the audacity to - make jokes about Muslims threatening to kill people for drawing Muhammed.

If you saw the episode, it was hilarious - Tom Cruise threatening to sue the city unless they produced Muhammed, which would mean the destruction of South Park by Islamic terrorists. So the fact that people are now threatening to kill them because Muhammed was inside a bear costume makes it all better, right?


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Christian terrorism on the rise

Islam is a religion of peace, Christianity is a religion of love, and isn't it funny how both groups have members will kill in the name of that peace and love? Alternet has an article showing how Christian terrorist groups are on the rise.

Funny how these folks after losing a democratic election decide that murder is the way to fix all of their problems.

Thanks, Florida, for the bigotry on display

I never ceased to be surprised by the level of bigotry that comes from our own elected leaders. Like, a council member in Jacksonville voting against a professor to sit on a human rights board because he's Muslim. Oh, and is "not sure" if Muslims should even be allowed to hold an office.

And, based on the interview, maybe never should gays. Probably not atheists. I wonder if there's a list of the "right" religions that should be allowed to hold office. Because when the US Constitution says there should be no religious test - well, they didn't *mean* it, right?


Monday, April 19, 2010

Government health insurance mandate doesn't cover faith healing

One thing that fascinated me while I went on my tour of different religious groups was the opposition to government run health care from conservative religions.

Some of them took the opinion of "well, all government that is not a theocracy is evil, so government run health care is evil." Probably the saddest I ran into were statements like "If government provides free health care, then we can't make people listen to our missionary message in exchange for food/shelter/health care."

When I heard talk like that, it was very, very hard for the poker face to stay on and let the "You have got to be kidding me? You're holding people hostage unless they listen to your Jesus talk first? That doesn't sound *anything* like what Jesus put people through some 90% of the time!"

So now that the US has some form of health care reform - mainly in the form of insurance mandates with subsidies for the poorest of the nation, you can bet that the religious will do what they can to stay out of the system, claiming its their religious right.

Which means that when these people finally show up at the emergency room because they discover that prayers don't tend to do diddly to cure cancer/broken bones/amputations - that everybody else gets to pay for their treatment.

So once again, the religious find some way of letting everybody else pay for them.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kids gotta learn - go against the fundies, pay the fine

A group of students decided to protest against homosexual discrimination.

So how do the fundies respond? By claiming that there should be a fine laid against the parents because they disagree with what the kids are doing.

Granted, the students are exercising that whole "free speech" and "freedom of religion" bit, but hey - if the fundies don't like it, why not fine the parents, right?

Priest leaves job under child abuse charges

Granted, it's not an arrest or stay in prison, but Rev. Vijay Vhaskr Godugunuru is leaving his post as a priest.

I guess that's a start. We've moved from "moving priests around churches so they can molest and rape more chidren" to "letting them quit their jobs."

Which has more crime - strip joints or churches?

Remember, correlation is not causation, but it is amusing.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Book of Mormon on Broadway

I have two competing sides. The former Mormon nice guy says "Oh, don't go mocking people's religion."

Then, the side that likes to poke fun at nonsense says the Book of Mormon on Broadway made by the South Park creators? Yes!

This reminds me: I need to watch Orgasmo....

Big penis stomach anatomy fail

I know that people used to get a lot of things wrong. Age of the earth at 6,000 years, or the "sun goes around the Earth." I mean, you look around, you see stuff, it just looks like that.

But when a series of Jesus pictures based on medieval art styles shows the ancients couldn't even get basic anatomy right by making abs look like a giant weiner - I mean, did people in Ye Olde Times not even know what *people* looked like?

Personally, I think the original artist was having a laugh and nobody else got the joke.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good news, Catholic church! You're not the only one with molesters!

With all of the news of the Catholic Church having pedophile priests, cardinals covering up the pedophile priests and then going on to become Pope, at least they can take stock in this:

They're not the only ones.

News of another child sex ring was announced around a Buddhist monk in Thailand.

Does this prove religion is bad? No. Does this combat the notion that "people with religion are more moral than people without"?

Yup. People are going to be evil whether their in a religion or not. The only difference is, usually those outside don't pretend they're any better or worse because their invisible friends tell them to be.