Monday, April 19, 2010

Government health insurance mandate doesn't cover faith healing

One thing that fascinated me while I went on my tour of different religious groups was the opposition to government run health care from conservative religions.

Some of them took the opinion of "well, all government that is not a theocracy is evil, so government run health care is evil." Probably the saddest I ran into were statements like "If government provides free health care, then we can't make people listen to our missionary message in exchange for food/shelter/health care."

When I heard talk like that, it was very, very hard for the poker face to stay on and let the "You have got to be kidding me? You're holding people hostage unless they listen to your Jesus talk first? That doesn't sound *anything* like what Jesus put people through some 90% of the time!"

So now that the US has some form of health care reform - mainly in the form of insurance mandates with subsidies for the poorest of the nation, you can bet that the religious will do what they can to stay out of the system, claiming its their religious right.

Which means that when these people finally show up at the emergency room because they discover that prayers don't tend to do diddly to cure cancer/broken bones/amputations - that everybody else gets to pay for their treatment.

So once again, the religious find some way of letting everybody else pay for them.

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